2 Oct 2020 • Other News


The weather was warm and sunny for the annual Sponsored Ride and Stride around Worcestershire country churches this year.This is a date for 2021 diaries as it always happens on the second Saturday in September.Under normal circumstances the day can begin with a farm breakfast, progressing on to lunch in pubs and tea and cake in churches. It is the initiative of the ‘Historic Churches Trust’ which also encourages churches to highlight the hidden gems to be found within their walls.

In Hanbury this year, we offered a fresh Archers’ display entitled, ‘An Everyday Church in Ambridge’ which included BBC photographs recently donated by the son and daughter of Rector Judge (1969 – 1979) when visiting Hanbury on the one hundredth birthday of their father’s birth. The display will remain for as long as possible and can be viewed on days when church is open for an hour before and after a service. Usually, memorabilia is shown in Spring when ‘Evesham Coach Tours’ bring Archers fans to view the locations which inspired the show and which after sixty-nine years are still used as recording venues.

There were also opportunities to see the work of ‘Two Talented Photographers’ which were spaced all around the church.

Hanbury bellringer Paul Jones LRPS has a passion for photographing landscapes and architecture with an eye to conveying the emotion he feels at particular locations.Influences over forty years are many but most inspiration and learning has come through the work of Frederick H Evans and Edwin Smith. Paul’s ‘giftedness’ can also be enjoyed on the Royal Photographic Society website rps.org/portfolio/26240/Paul-Jones-LRPS.

Philip Ruler is a retired modern languages teacher and Hanbury church ‘sidesman’ whose photographs of villages, towns and counties have been published by Chris Andrews Publications in ‘A Little Souvenir’ series. Most recently, Phil has recorded images of butterflies and wild flowers now encouraged in the natural ‘old burial’ areas of our churchyard and also photographs birds in garden, woodland and wetland settings from the hides at Upton Warren and Hillers Garden Centre near Alcester.

The exhibits were greatly enjoyed and, as with everything we offer, it was our duty to provide a safe environment; it did feel very safe with doors fully open. Entry was via the Vernon Chapel where numbers were monitored although there was never a queue.Mask, gel and tracking procedures were followed and the one-way system led ultimately to take away refreshments before exiting via the porch.Thanks to our resident Risk Assessment expert John and to everyone who exhibited and helped on the day.

Some visitor attractions are not planned far enough in advance to be advertised in this publication and Clare’s village website is certainly sadly missed.Current events information can be found atwww.hanburychurch.org, and on the noticeboard at our very smart new entrance to the village hall!Thank you to everyone who gave time and care to make that happen.

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