We all have questions about the meaning of life, our purpose, and whether or not there is a God.

Often we ask these questions when times are hard, when we are struggling. Others will find the questions come when they feel comfortable - yet with a nagging feeling that there is more to life than they are experiencing.

Seek, and ye shall find...

We truly believe that God is a welcoming, loving father, who desperately wants you to know him.

Each and every one of us can know this love and enter into a deep and loving relationship with God, no matter who you are or how you feel.

Christianity is about accepting this truth and sharing Jesus Christ’s love with those who feel as if they are unworthy; those who are disadvantaged or broken.

The beginning of faith is to accept the truth that you are loved and unique individual; that you are made in God’s image. Despite your flaws, failures and worries, God loves you.

Here's some practical things you can do:

  • Talk to someone. It might be you want to come and speak to one of the members of clergy. If that feels like too much too soon, speak to someone who you think might be sympathetic to your questions.
  • See what others say. Often it is the experiences of others which help lead us to a place of faith. There are some fantastic Stories of Faithfulness from people within the Diocese of Worcester.
  • Explore faith. There are courses such as the Alpha Course which are run from time to time which offer a safe, welcoming environment to ask questions of faith. There are online resources such as rejesus.co.uk which explore who Jesus was, or sites like GodVine which offer inspiration as we look to seek evidence of God.