4 Mar 2020 • Other News

At February’s OPEN DOOR SERVICE, we welcomed volunteers Margaret and Trish from BROMSGROVE AND REDDITCH WELCOME REFUGEES (BRWR). We recalled the heart-breaking film shown in church by Naeem Arif during which a small Syrian boy, set in a desert of dust and broken buildings sobbed, ‘what have we done to deserve this?’ The ongoing project, which helps a small number of Syrian refugees to build new lives in new communities, continues slowly and surely, benefitting from the skills, talents and compassion of volunteers such Margaret and Trish.

Trish works on language acquisition, providing vocabulary for particular situations due to be encountered.For example, a man who had been separated from family members, was to be reunited with them in Germany.He was familiarised with all that he would need to understand for the journey.His next challenge, will presumably be to learn yet another language!

The fireworks of November were carefully anticipated and explained to these traumatised souls who have endured the cacophony of warfare.

BRWR raises funds for much of what is needed by the refugees and we were reminded that housing needs do not impact on local authorities.Happily, children are attending schools and some people have found employment through the careful support and integration which has been offered.


A case of delicious ‘Refujuice’, which is produced by Pershore college from apples harvested by refugees, was sold in aid of BRWR funds. Supplies will be available in church three times a year, so do please ask if you’d like some – the quality is ‘top’ and the apples this year are Braeburn.

You may feel that you have skills to offer – please ask.

You may like to donate any of the following items in Hanbury church on any day – we will see that they reach BRWR.Collections of the following will be ongoing:

Adult clothing, practical shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags and blankets, dignity items